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'Lalit Modi acted in haste on Kochi'

BCCI president reveals Kochi had sued the Board after Modi's Twitter leak.

By Shashank Manohar

"Modi in his twitter posted the details of Kochi franchisee. On the basis of that Media pounced on him seeking to know as to why he did not disclose details of the other teams pertaining to the exsisting eight tems.

Mr Modi had posted all the names of the Kochi Franchisee on twitter. We received a mail from Mr Venugopal, one of the owners of that franchisee, saying that this was a breach of the Confidentiality Clause in the agreement which had been signed between the Board and them and he further says that they were contemplating legal action.
Notice was sent to us on the night of the 11th of April.

To wriggle out of the situation, Mr. Modi wrote a mail dated April 14, 2010 to me and members suggesting that all details regarding the franchisees be made public. I replied that the issue is complicated and need detailed deliberations and legal implications are also to be examined and hence the issue will be discussed and considered by the General Council members at a meeeting in Mumbai where all documents pertaining to the eight teams are available. I had marked my mail as FOR YOUR EYES ONLY .

Niranjan Shah, N.Srinivasan, Sanjay Jagdale, Arun Jaitley, Chirayu Amin, Rajiv Shukla and Ravi Shastri, other Governing Council Members have all sent their replies saying that they agree with what the President says. Modi had also replied saying that he will do the same.The question is as to why Modi did not disclose this for three years when these eight teams documents were available with him since 2007. We cannot take any decision in haste, so a meeting has been convened at Mumbai for April 26, 2010.

Modi has waited for three years and another ten days would only mean that there is delay for three years and ten days.

Governing council members do not stay at Mumbai. They are spread over the country. Legal implications and the disclosures are serious issues because there are confidentiality clauses in the agreements with the franchisee. In view of these, it is necessary to examine the documents thoroughly before providing the factually correct information to the public."
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