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Lee: India safe for Australians
Australian speedster Brett Lee said that India is safe for the Australians and it was the same other way round.
Lee's assurance comes at a time when the Australian cricketers are little apprehensive about playing in the Indian Premier League, fearing a backlash of the spate of attacks on the Indians in Victoria.

Things became gloomier after Shiv Sena threatened not to allow the Australian cricketers play in Mumbai unless the attack on the Indians ceased in Australia.

Lee, just back from yet another India trip, did his best to assure his compatriots.

"I've just pretty much got off a plane back from India and I certainly haven't had any problems," said the affable pacer.

He also took the occasion to condemn attacks on the Indians but insisted Australia was a safe place for them.

"I made it very clear over there and I'll do it here again in Australia that we are living in a wonderful country here in Australia," Lee was quoted as saying by the Australian media.

"We welcome every person from overseas, in particular India. It is a very safe place.

"And likewise, when I've had the chance to actually go over to India, I've always felt very safe. I've never felt threatened," said Lee, undoubtedly the most popular Australian cricketer in India.

Making a passionate appeal to all, Lee said, "There has been massive media hype (in India), and what's happened in Melbourne with the Indian students is terrible. Working with the Australian Government we have to make sure that we get the right message across.

"It's unfortunate what has happened and we have to make sure these events don't take place any longer. I've expressed to the Indian community out there that it is a very safe place to come and tour, it's a great place to holiday and a great place to study as well," he added.
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