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Most quick bowlers love a shiny, hard new ball in their hands but Brett Lee showed on Monday with a superb spell of five wickets in 18 balls that a battered old one can also be a deadly weapon.

The Australian ripped through the West Indies batting order with a virtually unplayable spell featuring conventional and reverse swing, giving the touring side a good chance of winning the second test.

"I do think it is definitely the best spell I have bowled with the old ball. It's probably the most I have ever moved a ball. And it's gone late too," Lee told reporters.

"There are days when it just clicks. And those moments, those six overs are the reason why I play test cricket.

"They always talk about getting into a groove and getting into the right mindset and getting in to a part in your spell when it all happens for you.

"It happened easily, I felt like I was running in I wasn't trying to bowl the ball too fast, the ball came out perfect," he said.

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