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I sometimes think that the long run-up practised by many modern bowlers like shoaib akhtar etc doesn't assist in increasing the bowling speed. I studied many bowling videos of paki captain imran khan. Mainly the bowling prowess of 1986 world cup. In the videos imran khan's run-up is very much of like abdur razzak. I even compared my bowling videos with imran khan and it seems imran khan's arm moves twice faster than me, even with a shorter run-up!
YouTube - Imran khan 1987 (2)

YouTube - Imran Khan Niazi

Waqar younis perhaps was a next generation bowler after imran khan. Waqar's arm movement and follow-through are exact as imran khan's 1986 bowling action! Imran khan bowled with intense aggression, deceiving the batsman with swing as seen in 1986 world cup. But waqar on other hand bowled exceptionally well swing and sat out in 1999 world cup!

Some days ago i was practising with white season ball and in one video i produced a lightning jolt!

YouTube - kk13

YouTube - kk14
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