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Lillee arrives for annual stint
Dennis Lillee arrived in Chennai on Thursday for his annual exercise of assessing and guiding the trainees at the MRF Pace Foundation.
The pace guru will be available till February 13 at the foundation, set up in 1987.

During his stay, Lillee, who makes about four visits a year, will be honing the skills of seven bowlers from England including four trainees attached to the English and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) and oversee the performance of the regular 12-Indian trainees of the foundation.

Ever since the foundation went international in 1992, all ICC Test playing nations send their academy wards to train under Lillee.

Tomorrow Lillee would assess the foreign trainees and then decide on the required technical skills to be imparted, chief coach of the foundation M Senthilnathan said.

Trainees, for three days, will get a chance to bowl on match situations. While their natural talents like action will not be disturbed, Lillee will help them perfect their mode of delivery of ball.

All bowlers will be videographed and they themselves would watch it to assess how much they improve under Lillee.

Senthilnathan said a new state-of-the art software was available at the foundation to record the trainees' bowling aspects and it could be split and viewed in different frames.

The four trainees from ECB -- James Harris, Dave Griffith Stewart Meeker, Chris Jordan -- are accompanied by two coaches -- Neil Killeen (Chief Coach) and Steve Watkins -- and two trainers -- Matt Sanders and Steve Grissin.

Other trainees: David Harrison, Chris Ashlin and Mike Reed (Glamorgan), Varun Aaron and Rahul Shukla (Jharkhand), Vikram Dhiya, Abhishek Singh, Pradeep Sangwan (Delhi), Gurshevak Singh and Varun Khullar (Punjab), Shahid Malhotra (HP), P Sagar (Andhra), Yo Mahesh and G Vignesh (TN) and Sardoes Dawood (Baroda).
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