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Match fixing at the world cup

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I'm sure you were all amazed by the inconsistency of some of the top teams. I mean Pakistan's elimination by Ireland, South Africa's loss to Bangladesh, India's loss to Bangladesh. One cannot help but wonder whether these matches were fixed or not.
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So did you follow one of the big name teams that got beaten by a lesser known team and now you think it was fixed. Come on every dog has his day and even if you didnt cheer for one of those teams even suggesting such propaganda is well unless proved right just shit. I understand that this kinda stuff happens but i dont think it does at this level in the game.
I supposed you are right. It is very difficult to even prove when a game has been fixed unless someone exposes it as in the case of Hansie Cronje. Since that expose it has left me wondering at times whether an underdog won truly because of their skill and ability on the day or because the supposedly stronger team was paid to underperform. It is difficult to put preventative measures against such issues. One hopes that the players are honest and ethical enough to not succumb to the temptation.
It's unfortunate, but cricketing nations with a reputation for corruption have to bare the question marks placed over them for a period of time.
These teams &/or boards have, in my opinion, been largely responsible for bringing this upon themselves.
The problem is that these incidents aren't isolated. They are, more often than not, revisited far too regularly over time. Which is not to say that I believe that most matches are fixed, simply that once is more than enough; & anything further is deplorable.

While pointing fingers & casting aspersions doesn't help anyone, the real damage is done by all players, officials, & corrupt punters, who are involved with match fixing in any way. These people bring the entire game - including players on every level, officials, organisers, sponsors, umpires, & fans - into disrepute.

I understand the old adage... "Where there are people, there is corruption" ... however I can't help but feel repulsed by the knowledge that these cretinous low-life scumbags are involved with the game in any way.
They're disgusting.

Yes, every dog does have his day... it's just a pity that wins like the one Ireland had over Pakistan will be under a cloud for years to come.
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Match fixing has been a part in the past i think

don't know about the matches spoken here,

i saw that match PAK vs Ireland, the pitch was green wasn't it, Irish bowled well afterall, the problem was with the middle order of PAK team, once u r throwing wickets, Inzi, Yousuf or Younis had to stay & no one did, it almost looked like a match FIXED

but i can't say for sure, if that was fixed, then there must be clues to detect!!??!?!
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