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incubi said:
Match referee John Reid has said that he "immediately" had suspicions about the Pakistanis shock loss to Ireland, & has stated that he believes the match was fixed...

Pakistan's World Cup loss 'suspicious'

... the plot thickens.
wow, this is going to get some people talking and pay attention. Anytime people believe a sport is rigged, its bad news! :(

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Well, I'd like to think that nobody would 'throw' a game... but, as has been demonstrated in the past, everyone has their price. I guess it's not inconceivable that some players could find the prospect of considerable financial gain appealing, especially if they're on the brink of retirement & have already achieved much in the game.

... & yes, it is bad news - very bad. *sigh* :(

rascally said:
but surely they wouldn't have thrown against Ireland after already losing to WI?
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