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May allays IPL exodus fears
Cricketers' chief Tim May is confident there will not be mass withdrawals from this month's IPL after security fears were allayed.
A number of high-profile players had indicated they were considering pulling out of the tournament, which begins in Mumbai on March 12, because of concerns over their safety.
Players' associations from England, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia have been working together to address their members' concerns over terror threats against the IPL.
The work is being coordinated by the Federation of International Cricketers' Associations (FICA), and chief executive May has been reassured by new security commitments given by organisers.
He told BBC Sport: "This is a significant step forward. The more information you provide the players with, the greater the likelihood that they will attend the event.
"We have a significant amount of information we did not have previously, which will assist players making far more informed decisions about whether to go or not.
"We haven't reached utopia yet, but the new information has given us greater confidence. Last week we were operating in an information vacuum."
Last year's edition of the competition was relocated to South Africa after a clash with the Indian elections meant certain security services were unavailable, but IPL commissioner Lalit Modi has left little doubt that was a one-off.
"This is very good news for us - I don't think there will be any withdrawals at all," said Modi, who has been frustrated by FICA's stance.
"Already a lot of the players are on planes on their way to India and will arrive in the next few days.
"Security is very important to us. We have not had to change our plans, I think it is more a case of the players now understanding them.
"I think they are more comfortable with the plans being implemented."
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