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"Miandad cost Rs 8.1mn for 7 days"
PCB chief Ejaz Butt accused Javed Miandad of costing the board Rs 8.1 million for seven days of work in a year.
"Miandad has cost the board 8.1 million for just seven days of work," Butt told a function at the National cricket academy, adding that the former skipper had been indulging in several violations of the code of conduct for employees.

But Miandad, who is the PCB Director-General, told a press conference here today that he was willing to take up any assignment in the board but Butt had been repeatedly bypassing and ignoring him for the last one year.

"I want to work but if the board is not going to give me assignments what can I do," he said.

Miandad has been working under Butt's chairmanship since early last year and recently publicly criticised the PCB chief for not doing anything and ruining Pakistan cricket.

Miandad also said that Butt doesn't have the capacity to work nor would allow anyone else to do the same.

"Butt has no vision and he must resign gracefully.

Pakistan cricket is just not moving forward under his guidance and that is a shame," Miandad said.

Butt told the media that Miandad had been given specific assignments but the former Test captain didn't even bother to attend office while drawing a hefty salary from the board.

"They keep on talking about my salary but no one talks about the money spent on providing five star hotelling, business class travel and daily allowances given to other employees or used by the Chairman when is abroad," Miandad said.

Showing some documents to the media, Miandad said he had sent several proposals to Butt on improving the domestic cricket structure and had even advised the board against taking legal action against the ICC over the 2011 World Cup matches issue but no one listened to his advice.

"I told Butt we must keep legal action as a second option and must first try to resolve things through dialogue but he does not listen to anyone, he is stubborn," Miandad said.

The veteran of 124 Tests said he had even tried to organise a tour of a World eleven team to Pakistan and had spoken to several former Test players himself about this and the cost of this tour was also not high but Ejaz Butt also rejected this proposal.

"What else am I supposed to do. I was asked to organise the one-day international and Test against Sri Lanka in Karachi and I did it properly and also saved the board money what more can I do," Miandad said.
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