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And so it comes to pass. A few weeks after guiding Ireland to the 2011 cricket World Cup, Eoin Morgan, our most talented cricketer, prepares to pull on an England shirt. On Friday, Morgan was named in England's squad of 15 for June's Twenty/20 World Cup and also, more surprisingly, in England's squad to face the West Indies in this month's One Day International series.

Under cricket's rules, Morgan's international transfer will only be complete if he makes England's match-day squad of 12 in either form of the game, but such is his form and ability that, barring injury, he is almost certain to play a central role in one or both competitions.

His defection is no shock (Morgan has always been upfront about his ambition to play for England, and England has plenty of form when it comes to nicking players from other countries) but it is still a body blow for Ireland's cricket team. Morgan's career statistics may still be well short of world class, but he has the potential and the imagination to excel at the short versions of the game while also possessing the innate ability to make it at the highest level of Test cricket. He might not succeed, but the only way he can give himself a chance of fulfilling his potential is with England.

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