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The ECB are reported to have opened the way for England's stars to feature in the IPL next year.

Professional Cricketers' Association chief executive Sean Morris believes that a window has been found to allow the likes of Kevin Pietersen and Andrew Flintoff to play in the IPL from next summer.

Morris told BBC Radio 5 Live: "There will be a little bit of a window when the England players return from the West Indies.

"They will then be able to participate in possibly the last two weeks of that tournament in 2009.

"I think they will play. It is going to be driven by market forces, the players will go and play Twenty20 cricket.

"It makes a lot of sense to allow them to play based on the fact that we've got the World Twenty20 coming up five weeks later.

"Don't we want our best players practising and competing in the leading domestic tournament at that time?

"There are so many positive from the players' point of view to come out of these Twenty20 tournaments, that they can't refuse it."

England Test captain Michael Vaughan had earlier stated: "We are naive to think England players aren't going to end up in the IPL.

"England players will end up in the IPL, whether it is next year or the year after.

"Twenty20 is a fantastic game to play, with massive crowds and I think all players around the world love playing in it.

"Also the money being thrown at players, people are naive if they don't think players are even going to think about it and potentially go and play in it."
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