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When you have only 20 overs to bat, every over and every ball becomes important. Every single over represents 5% of your total resources. Not scoring from one over means you will be utilizing only 95% of the allotted resources. Thus bowling a maiden over in T20 cricket is tougher than any other format.

At the Indian Premier League, we have the best of the bests competing against each other. In such conditions, bowling six dot balls in a row is no mean feat. In an IPL season, more fifties are scored than the most maiden overs in IPL.

The best chance of bowling a maiden is in the opening overs when the batsmen may not take too many risks and try to consolidate. The top seven in the all-time list of bowling most maidens in the IPL are all fast bowlers.

Spinners languish at the bottom. Here is the countdown of eleven bowlers who have bowled the most maiden overs in IPL.
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