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The spinners saved the day for India. If not for them, the score would have been around 300 max.

Irfan and Zaheer continue to struggle. RP Singh looked good in patches.

As usual India had to fall back on Tendulkar to get them the vital breakthroughs.

Pakistan batting looks disjointed. They are unsure on how to use Younis Khan. The way he batted seemed as if he was told to hold up one end. Unfortunately, when he tried to accelerate, he got out.

Afidi was as usual. Somehow, I get the feeling that his career is on its last legs. He seems to play only cameos.

What can you say about Yousaf.That man is in sublime form. Needless to add he seems capable of taking over from where Inzi left.

Shoaib Akthar seems short of match practice. India and Pakistan are the only teams, where players come straight into the national team after a suspension or an injury.

The rest of the bowling were just pedestrian on this pitch.

Ganguly, is on his way out. He is wasting a lot of balls and wasting the power plays.

Luckily, Gambhir's scoring rate saved him from his shortcomings being highlighted.

Dhoni played an intelligent game. Yuvraj and Dhoni set about over taking the score with clinical precision.

Uthappa was his cheeky self.

At the end of the match one got the feeling that Pakistan team is mentally in Pakistan.

Maybe events back home had disturbed them.

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yosuf played brilliantly for pakistan and the drop catch gambir didn't help pakistan if they have caught it it could have been a different result but credit goes to india india played better and deserved to win
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