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I went to play for some practice and i produced quick bowling with a long run-up.
In this first video, i am bowling with a rubber ball. I would use this bouncer to thrash some helmets if i will ever get to play!
YouTube - Vid0002.3gp

In the second video, i am in a good rhythm and i bowl a fastest reverse swing like waqar younis! I won't think much of the world's greatest batsmen would ever defend it!
YouTube - Vid0003.3gp

Then in this third video, i am trying to accelerate my run-up. I am 28 years old, so i am not able to run quick as in my youth! But i am trying to keep my fitness as a pakistani paceman!
YouTube - Vid0004.3gp

Then in this fourth video, i am bowling with legend imran khan's bowling action and i always find it very comfortable. Here i am using a white season ball!

Then in this fifth video, i am bowling with a rubber ball with my favorite bowling action of wasim akram left handed!
And i doubt that wasim akram's speed is just as slow as me!

P.S.- perhaps i'll showcase my batting skills in my next threads!
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