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Neptune's Cricket Auction

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My friend and I have worked hard and now we are starting Season 1 of the Neptune Cricket Auction . Everyone is free to join. The more the merrier. We would appreciate it if you would share this tournament to anyone you know who would like to participate in it as then the auction becomes more competitive

Join the Neptune's Cricket Tournaments Discord Server! Join our discord to participate.

How will the auction work?

We will give you a word file with players on it. The poll in the discord server will decide what match type the tournament will run in. You can only choose a player if he is available in that mode. In the file, you can see what modes a player is eligible to play in. If you bid for a player who is not available, we will remove that bid. You have 1500$ to bid for 15 players in your squad. If your bid for a player is less than the base price for that player, we will remove your bid. You have a 24 hour window to submit your bids. We will inform you when you can submit your bids and when the time is up. You must have at least 4 batsmen, 4 bowlers, 1 wicket keeper and 2 all rounders in your squad. If you want to participate pm (private message) me and/or Neptune Gaming( on discord) that you are interested and also mention what you would like your team to be called. If you are interested, submit your bids to us via a word file or you can simply type out your bids when we tell you to do so. If you do not want to participate for any reason, don't worry. We will let you see how the auction turns out. The person who bids the highest for a player will keep that player in their squad. If two players bid the same amount, the person who gets the player will be randomly decided. After the first round of auction, if you don't have 15 players in your squad, you bid again with the money you have left. We will continue this till everyone has 15 players in their squad. After the bidding is over and the teams are decided, We will show the fixtures and the structure of the tournament. The games will be simulated in Cricket 19 and the players will have the stats shown in the file. The winner will receive a special rank on the server.

The file for the players are on the server. Here is a part of it but it is 11 pages long
Neptune's Cricket Tournament-screenshot-154-.png
btw these ratings are only for the players best mode.
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