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'No Aussies involved in match-fixing'

Jaipur captain Shane Warne dismissed reports of any Australian being involved in match fixing during the second edition of the IPL in South Africa.

The legendary Australian leg-spinner was shocked at his name being used to fuel the controversy.

"I have total confidence that no Australian is involved. In the time I have played in the IPL, I have never been approached or heard anything at the Royals regarding match-fixing," Fox Sports quoted Warne, as saying

However, Warne was not surprised to see such a controversy arising.

"Although, weird things can sometimes happen in Twenty20 cricket. That's the nature of the game. I do know this: To fix a Twenty20, you would have to have the captain, otherwise you just couldn't do it," he added

Warne was forced to comment on the matter when a London based newspaper claimed that Indian Income Tax officials were investigating 27 players which included a “famous Australian” over match- fixing allegations.

However the IT officials denied the reports, much to Warne’s liking.

"It's good to hear that the authorities have come out and said that no Australian is under investigation," he added.

Warne called for a strict action to be taken against the guilty.

"Any players involved in this controversy, if found guilty, should be banned for life," Warne said.
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