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'Not aware of ball-tampering'

Kolkata skipper Sourav Ganguly disagreed with his bowling coach Wasim Akram's claims of ball tampering in the IPL.

Akram had told ESPN STAR Sport's SportsCenter that bowlers rubbed red soil on the ball at places like Jaipur, Mumbai and Ahmedabad, making it difficult for batsmen to sight it at the later stages of a match under floodlights.

Ganguly, however, said he was not aware of any ball tampering, as alleged by his bowling coach.

"No idea about it. I am hearing it for the first time," said Ganguly.

Jaipur skipper Shane Warne was sarcastic in his reply when he was asked about the claim by the former Pakistan captain.

"Maybe he (Akram) is an expert, I am not. I have got no idea about it. We go out and play. I don't agree with it.

Maybe I should ask Wasim if he can help me out," said Warne.

"I don't know. It's first I am hearing about ball tampering. I think Wasim has heard about it a little bit more," he said.
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