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Now Azhar bats for Pakistani players
Former India captain Mohd Azharuddin said IPL should feature the world's best players irrespective of their nationality.
Backing Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan on the Pakistani players' participation in the Indian Premier League, cricketer-turned-politician said, "I feel all the good players from different countries should participate in such a big tournament," Azharuddin said.
"Politics and sports are two different things. Players should be left alone. All the good players should be taken in the IPL, not just the Pakistan players," added the former Indian captain.
The former batsman said having the best players would only enhance the popularity of the tournament.
Azharuddin was in Washington to attend the prestigious National Prayer Breakfast meeting which was addressed by US President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, which was attended by people from all over the world.
"The function was good. It brings people from different countries together. I got an opportunity to meet lot of people," Azharuddin said.
"At the end of the day we are all human beings. There is no difference. We are all same," he added.
Azharuddin, who is a Congress MP, was the only Indian leader to attend the prestigious meeting being held in Washington for more than five decades now.
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