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The Rose Bowl on Twenty20 finals day was a fantastic place to witness a first-class exhibition of cricket's shortest format at its very best.

Judged on the action alone, Twenty20 can conquer the most sceptical of opponents. This is no passing fad and the danger for its future does not lie on the cricket field. It is in the boardrooms where warring administrators plot and scheme that Twenty20 cricket faces its greatest test. Money and egos are tearing apart a game that may live up to Sir Allen Stanford's prediction of being a serious rival to football.

There are two battles raging. Today, Kent should be celebrating their qualification for the first-ever Champions League, with Justin Kemp lauded for taking his team to the brink of victory on Saturday night.

Instead, his links with the rebel Indian Cricket League leave Kent's players unsure whether they'll be cashing in this winter or not.

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