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Just saw Bob Woolmer’s website recently. There’s an interesting section called interactive coaching, but I was quite disappointed when I saw it because there appears to be nothing for the casual browser. Why don’t you guys check it out and get back to me?
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The thing is that online cricket coaching sites are mostly rubbish because there’s no way you can teach the intricacies of a Chinaman on a website.
I saw the site, Willow. You’re right – unless you have a really focused question you are wasting your time here. But I think that’s fair enough. Why would someone of Woolmer’s calibre waste time on armchair enthusiasts?
Yeah, Willow, if you want a Q&A format post a question in the Terminology & Jargon section of this forum!
I know of no serious cricketer who has resorted to a website to improve his skills. Imagine any current international cricketer going to a web site for advice!
Well, Woolmer calls his site the ‘world’s first online interactive coaching facility’. I don’t think too many coaches would be comfortable giving out advice online either.
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