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Pakistan cricket hails Lorgat's visit

Pakistan's former cricket captains and chief selector Mohsin Khan hailed ICC chief executive Haroon Lorgat's visit to Pakistan.

They termed it a way to move forward for Pakistan cricket in its existing difficult times.

Former captains, Javed Miandad, Rashid Latif, Moin Khan, chief selector Mohsin Khan and other former players were present in the launching ceremony of the World T20 Cup attended by Lorgat.

"We should not complain and face the realities of the times. We need to move forward and find solutions to our current problems," former captain and PCB Director-General (Cricket) Javed Miandad said.

He said Lorgat's visit was a good sign for Pakistan cricket and it showed that the ICC was slowly regaining confidence in the ability of the PCB to host international visitors.

"We cannot rush things because of the situation at home but we need to work closely with the ICC and other member countries to ensure that international teams start visiting Pakistan again soon," he said.

Rashid also pointed out that the PCB should work on the visit of Lorgat and use it as an opportunity to start convincing other boards to start tours to Pakistan.

"It is not necessary we have a full tour. We can start off by inviting a team or a world eleven to come and play a few games in one or two cities and then move ahead. I agree with Lorgat that we need to be patient and wait for the situation to improve," Rashid said.

Mohsin Khan said Lorgat's visit showed Pakistan cricket was vibrant and kicking.

"We are just going through a difficult phase and inshallah things will improve soon. I have told the players that they must win the T20 World Cup to keep the confidence of the people alive in the sport and in their national team," he said.

Wasim Bari, PCB chief operating officer, said PCB Chairman Ejaz Butt would be meeting ICC officials next week in Dubai to discuss the issue of international cricket in Pakistan and recommendations of the ICC task force on Pakistan.

"There is a proposal to invite a world eleven team to Pakistan but there is also an issue of finding a slot for this visit. We ourselves are very busy in 2010 before the next full World Cup," he said.
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