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Pakistan cricket ka naya yug!

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Bangladesh se 1999 WC mein harne ke bad pakistan cricket team ka rukh hi badal gaya. Koi style nahi, koi high prolific performance nahi, aise hi khel rahe hai itne saal. Last star performer/dancer bas waqar younis hi tha 1999 tak. Ajkal bas team sport ke liye khelte hai, tension mein. Rana naved, sami, shoib malik, s.butt, ammir boring cricketeers hai. Jaise 1997 mein kenya ki team kaise cricket khelti thi, bas usi tarah pakistan bhi ajkal khelti hai. Phir itne salo tak wasim, waqar, afridi...kyun itna phudak rahe the?
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The 1999 world cup was very funny for pakistan. The semi finals against new zealand the pakistan team is a combination of younsters and experienced like ijaz ahmed, salim malik!
YouTube - Pakistan vs New Zealand World Cup 1999 Semi Final
The youngsters shoib akhtar, abdur razzak, saqi mushtak, azhar mehmood seems like in a altogether airy form! With wasim akram bowling his typical wides. Check out the p.reiffel taking wicket of inzaman-ul-haq caught behind! P.reiffel just took 15 steps to reach the other wicket after follow through! The pitch seems very short! Just 15 steps walkable! The wicket-keeper too seems very closer while abdur razzak is bowling! While the boundary seems very close short like wimbledon tennis court taken as a radius! YouTube - Cricket WC 1999 Final: Aus v Pak - 1st Innings Highlights
Might be that this was a good world cup for pakistan, but a jittery performance caused for the loss in the final!
Whereas the most funniest scene was in a pakistan match in that world cup waqar younis was sitting behind the boundary fence and chatting with someone!
Btw who was the captain of pakistan in 1999 world cup???
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W.younis wouldn't bowl at 240 kmph in every match, only occassionally. So if the pitch in 1999 world cup was just 15 steps, then the real bowling speeds of paki bowlers might be very slow. Like w.younis- 117kmph, w.akram- 112kmph, a.mehmud- 105kmph(10% slower than a.kumble), a.razak- 108kmph, imran khan- 123kmph, shoib akhtar- 125kmph(ordinary school boy speedster). Lol
Just some kia energy.
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