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Vinoo Mankad set the pattern in Pakistan’s first Test; taking 13 wickets against them at Delhi in an innings win. Ray Bright’s 10 wickets at Karachi in 1979-80 gave Pakistan a scare in a seven-wicket win, and he ended with 15 of the 24 wickets that Australia took. Derek Underwood, left-arm and slow, ran amok at Lord‘s in 1974, accounting for eight Pakistani batsmen in the second innings (and 13 all told). Phil Edmonds’s 7-66 at Karachi in 1977-78 echoed years later in 1983-84 when Nick Cook’s 11 almost led England to a miraculous win. So nobody was surprised that Ashley Giles picked up seven wickets in the celebrated dusk game at Karachi in 2000-01, to go with his haul of 17 in England’s series win.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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