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Pakistan ODI Debut

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I read that pakistan started one day international cricket very late in year feb'11 1973. Their first one day match was with new zealand...

Only ODI: New Zealand v Pakistan at Christchurch, Feb 11, 1973 | Cricket Scorecard | ESPN Cricinfo

Looking at the pakistan team since years there are very few debuts one player after two years. The first player listed is asif iqbal.

The favorite match being india vs pakistan, Benson and Hedges World championship 1985...
Final: India v Pakistan at Melbourne, Mar 10, 1985 | Cricket Scorecard | ESPN Cricinfo

Here in this match there are many wonderful players of pakistan. Like left arm pacemen, azeem hafeez.
Then another pace bowler, tahir naqqash whose bowling action is cool and technique is very similar to modern day shoib akhtar. The run-up is long and bowling action is very slow.
Then there is imran khan's fast bowling and batting. And also salim malik.
I liked the bowling of legspinner wasim raja. He has a incredible action and bowls googly. His appearance and stature is very similar like shahid afridi. That makes me to think is shahid afridi a legspinner first then a batsman!
And there is also funny batting of ramiz raja.
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