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Pakistan players refuse to testify

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Mark Shields, Jamaica's Deputy Commissioner of Police, told Coroner Patrick Murphy that former Pakistan captain Inzamam ul-Haq was among those that refused to give testimony.

Apart from Inzamam, who had recently retired from international cricket, along with medium-pacer Rana Naved-ul-Hasan, assistant manager Asad Mustafa and former media manager Pervez Mir refused to travel to Jamaica for the inquest, which began on October 16.

Shields, who made the requests through the Pakistan Cricket Board, told Coroner Murphy and the 11 jurors that both players said they were unable to make it.

"Mustafa said he has already given a statement to the police," Shields added. "I spoke to Sattar at 5:50 am on Wednesday and he said he was involved in a car accident in May and has not worked since. He said it would be huge inconvenience for him to attend."

Woolmer died hours after he was found unconscious in his Jamaica hotel room on March 18, a day after Pakistan suffered a humiliated defeat to Ireland at the World Cup of cricket.
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i don't blame them this is really talking long
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