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Former Pakistan captain Salim Malik Saturday said he hoped to overturn his life ban for alleged involvement in match-fixing after the country's top court granted him an appeal hearing.

Malik was banned by a match-fixing inquiry in 2001 after three top Australian players accused him of offering bribes for them to underperform.

But after Saturday's decision by the Supreme Court the 44-year-old told AFP: "It is a sort of a win for me."

He said he was told he could start proceedings on May 19.

"This means a lot to me because I have been fighting to clear my name for eight years and once I get this ban overturned I would like to associate myself to cricket once again."

The May 2001 ban, imposed by an inquiry headed by high court judge Justice Malik Mohammad Qayyum, also prevented him from holding any office or involvement in any cricket-related activity.

The ban was imposed after Shane Warne, Tim May and Mark Waugh claimed he offered them bribes to underperform during Australia's 1994 tour of Pakistan.

In 1995 Malik was cleared of the allegations by a one-judge commission on the grounds of lack of evidence.

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