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Pakistan team ka performance!

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Pakistan team ne itne sare one-day matches kheli aur test match bhi khele. Bade bade six bhi mare aur swing bowled bhi kiye. Lekin itne sare matches mein aggression toh thik se nahi dikhate. Aggression hota hai, par sports entertainment ke liye bohot hi dhila dhala hota hai. Aj kal ke mein Australia aur England ke domestic cricket dekhta hun toh mujhe lagta hai ki unke batsmen ne bohot sari techniques sikhi hui hai. Koi bhi gend par four mar sakte hai, aur Yorker bhi defend kar sakte hai. 1970s jaise dhila nahi khelta koi! Isase Pakistan team ka performance bilkul bhi thik nahi. Koi bhi Pakistani gendbaaz ko dekhkar koi batsmen khauf mein nahi ata. Shoib akhtar, mhd. Sami, umar gul, abdul razzak, azhar mehmud ki line length improvise nahi hoti. Jyadatar gende wicketkeeper ki taraf outswing, kabhi offstump par, kabhi legside mein aur reverse swing York. Mujhe lagta hai ki Pakistan ke fast bowlers ko apni line length offstump ke upar thoda short pitch dalni chahiye, driving length aur half-volley bilkul bhi nahi dalni chahiye. Agar full pitch hoti ho toh use swing kar York karna chahiye. Offstump ke upar ki line length se batsmen ko front foot pe khilwana chahiye. Jab uska footwork galat padne lage, toh use York ya phir jaise woh backfoot movement lete waqt usko short pitch kar follow karna chahiye. Aisi bowling techniques aquib javed kuch chand matches mein hi dikhate the. Aur shayad mhd. Sami bhi kuch match mein line length achi packadte hein. Wasim akram aur waqar younis ki line length toh koi sikh nahi sakta! Aggression se batsmen mein khauf lakar unhe choke bana dena chahiye, jisase woh agli bar thik se kabhi na khele! Jab Pakistani bowler run up karne jata hai, phir bhi tv pe dekhta hun ki kisi bhi batsmen par khauf nahi hota!
Batting mein koi bhi bowler Pakistani batsmen se darta hi nahi hai. Inzaman ul haq hi thoda bohot aggressive batting karte the front foot pe khelkar. Unhone toh world cup ke debut matches mein hi achi batting ki thi. Ajkal mein bohot purani match dekhta hun, toh usme Australia ke fast bowlers aur England ke offspinners funny line length dalte he. Unke har ball par samne akar shot marna asan hai, aggression se. lekin mein jab dekhta hun ki usi line length par kitne hi bure strokes aur kitnebar toh out bhi ho jate hai!
Nawaz kunal pagare khan
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Shoaib akhtar bolta hai ki woh duniya ka sabse fastest bowler hai, lekin tv par toh sabhi batsman asani se khel rahe hote hai. Ekhad gend par galti se out hote hai. Toh kya sahi mein fast bowler hai, yah aise hi entertainment ke liye match kheli ja rahi hai??? aur bowling slow hai!
YouTube - Shoaib Akhtar at his Best Run up bhi bohot funny hai. Ankhein Baaz ki tarah batsman ki aur take rahti hai. Jab batsman offguard ho jata hai toh use surprise karte hai!
YouTube - Waqar Younis 6-59 Vs Aus Is video mein waqar younis kuch gende fast dalte hai, baki jaise chote bacho ko khilate hai.
YouTube - Wasim Akram Gets Bryan Young Again
Shayad agar fast bowling karne lage toh ball dikhegi hi nahi viewer ko isliye slow bowling karte honge!

Meri fav match...17th Match: Pakistan v Netherlands at Lahore, Feb 26, 1996 | Cricket Scorecard | Isme pakistan ki sabse best team hai. Is match mein aquib javed attacking bowling karte hai, aur w.akram, w.younis ko support milta hai. Leggie m.ahmed variation karte hai, aur medium bowlers a.sohail, s.malik contain karte hai. Opening batting bhi achi hai aur middle order bhi strong hai. Low order batsmen ki jarurat nahi padati, wicketkeeper hi strokeplayer hai. In this world cup, wasim akram bowled with speeds 130 to 177 kmph. But many times, wicketkeeper rashid latif was seen flying to catch deliveries bowled from aquib javed which were whizing past the batsmen to the boundary! The speed could be 148 to 240 kmph.
What could be the present day perfect team? Salman butt/?, Mhd.yousuf/?, imran nazir, younis khan(c), shahid afridi(vc), k.akmal(wk)/?, a.razak, d.kaneria/?, s.akhtar/?, mhd.sami, umar gul. The bowling opened by umar gul and mhd.sami .
Note- the ? denotes if there might be a better player. Even if pakistan loses all the matches, but i think there should be a consistent team. Projecting performance...s.butt - 65, mhd. yousuf - 106, imran nazir - 78 with sixes, younis khan might stabilize innings - 60, s.afridi might be out for a duck but could score 80, k.akmal - 15, a. razak - 50 off 25... While in bowling, s.akhtar bowls speed only in zimbabwe pitches and in crucial matches doesn't take a single wicket. Perhaps pakistan needs variation in bowling. A LH offspinner, a RH medium pacer, a RH quick offspinner and a five wkt taking fast bowler. Also a new opening batsman and a captain. If i would get opportunity then i won't like to open the batting, as i am not able to spot the new ball swing. I would rather prefer no. 7 spot. And perhaps i could bowl as a medium fast 4th bowler. I would even like w.younis and a.javed to play atleast five tests against india. I would like to play tests against south africa and australia.
And perhaps a world cup for pakistan.
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In year 2000, i turned on the tv in the morning and i was surprised to see w.younis(c) bowling offspin in a test match against new zealand in new zealand. Perhaps from then onwards pakistan had no enthusiasm in playing cricket. In 2003 world cup, w.younis bowling speed was much slower than mhd. Sami. Lets say, mhd. Sami bowls at 140 kmph and w.younis at 144 to 240 kmph. But in that world cup w. Younis bowling speed was just 105 kmph! Then i can imagine hitting sixes off w.younis. Cause of these changes of gameplay, many cricketeers of other teams have risen without showcasing any particular talent, like bret lee, yuvraj singh,...etc. This is faulty merchandising of cricket.
A program on 1975 world cup highlights was shown. Very funny cricketeers who played in whites. The pitch seems somewhat long. Incredible thing is west indies batting is cool strokeplay even against the fastest australian bowlers. Then the 2003 world cup match between pakistan and india. Shoiab akhtar seems bowling very quick, but still being hit for sixes. So i think in modern day cricket there seems no luck for even medium fast bowlers. And i was thinking about correcting my batting against pace bowling! So cricket is just played in the spirit of the game. Some matches are stupid, people already know the outcome of the match. The rules of the game say that a cricket ball is made up of a small cork ball (properties of cork is of lightweight water proof matter harder than rubber)covered with leather sewn into a circular seam. I many times checked inside a worn out season ball. And there was no cork, only a fur ball of white thread and pieces of cardboard probably made of elephants' faeces! The exterior is of very hard leather. So i put a new shiny red season ball in a bucket filled with water. After a day i found that the red season never got affected. Water never seeped into the seam which i thought would had made the ball softer. The ball is said to weigh 160grams. The lightest ball generalized in comparison is rubber ball 150grams.(but season ball weight seems 200grams and worn out 250 to 300grams)When cricket started to be played in coloured clothing, i think many wanted to compete with baseball. The baseball ball according to books is also of a small cork ball covered with rubber/leather sewn in a non-circular seam. It weighs 145grams. Some cricket matches seem played with a rubber baseball with exterior like cricket ball. The team while fielding juggle the ball between hands like baseball players do.
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Funny thing comparing cricket and baseball, is that baseball fielders wear a big leather glove whereas cricket fielders don't. And baseball batsman wears only helmet not even knee guard whereas though ball is of lightweight cricket batsmen wear so much protective gear! Reverse swing might be a baseball concept curve ball! And also great batting pull swings!
Pakistan Zindabad.................................
I am sick of INDIAN MEDIA in general and STAR NEWS in particular...these are the agents that cause enmity between our two great nations. Many Hindus live in Pakistan and many Muslims live in India. In fact the population of Muslims in India is greater than that in Pakistan . They live very happily , but INDIAN MEDIA never sees that

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I was viewing a classic sharjah match between pakistan and india. And in that match there was a left handed bowler mr salim. In this program it seems that most bowlers cricket wonderful youth days were in 1988s. When curtly ambrose, courtney walsh, wasim akram were extremely fit. And in most of the games there were many many funny moments of pakistan, west indies much funnier than indian cricket which makes cricket so cool.
In that match, malcolm marshall seems very very fast and intimidating. Like the delivery comes with power and attacking the leg stump. Even short pitches.
I even liked the bowling of winston benjamin whose bowling seems like a 16 year old youthful athletism.
The present day pakistan team looks very unsorted. In 1996, the pakistan team were proud for their strong batting lineup, like after openers the middle batsmen and even the 5th 6th batsmen stabilized the innings. The present day pakistan team after the retirement of yousuf yohanna and younis khan, nowdays doesn't look like a strict cricket team.
Bowling is good and has some future. But batting isn't up to the mark. Shahid afridis' sixes, fours never reach the boundary and in some matches their wicketkeeper mr. Akmal has to do all the hitting.
So even if cricket is played with a lighter ball or with a hard season ball, but cricket is a sport and played for entertainment.
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