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YouTube - Imran Khan - HITTING SIX

YouTube - Imran khan batting (2)

YouTube - Imran Khan Whacks a low full toss for 4 v Australia

YouTube - Imran Khan 136 v Australia Match Saving knock 1990 Test Match
The test match footage i liked a lot featuring imran khan's batting! Imran's khan's batting is cool than mhd. wasim. When i look at imran's batting techniques, it seems that pakistan has produced several different types of batsmen having individual styles. His talent was succeeded by wasim akram, with similar batting styles but not known as a batsman! Pakistan plays as a team, but needs individual performers to achieve victories. I was once watching on utube 1971's pakistan cricket, playing against west indies. And pakistan team seems like weak midgets against tall pace bowlers of west indies. Perhaps imran khan is a thug like character, who by his own can turn the game in pakistan's favour! Wasim akram seems a dull person and should have been the winning captain in 1999. But since there are so many contrasting successors of pakistani cricketeers, like aquib javed might be the successor of mudassar nazar and waqar younis might again had to gain in the pakistan team on his own! But that was in 1990s. In the progressive years, there are very few pakistani youngsters who seem to take up cricket as a loving sport! There is hardly anyone known to spin. There are no successors of mustaq ahmed nor saqlain mushtaq. Then i would bowl better offspin than shoib malik. So its a passage of bad times for pakistan. In 2000s, there should have been good cricketeers, but after ten years too the team looks not playing good cricket! Like the new generation successors of pakistan team were mhd. sami, abdur razzak, azhar mehmood, saqlain mushtaq of the 1999s, but then in the present day side there are no new players showing considerable pakistani talent??? Perhaps in 2020s there won't be any pakistani test team!
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