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Karachi : The Pakistan and Indian cricket Boards have reached an understanding over the launch of the lucrative and planned Indian Premier League next year in April-May.

Under the agreement, while Pakistan has agreed to postpone the jinxed Asia Cup by around until June, 2008, so that the IPL can be launched, India have confirmed their participation in the Asia Cup.

The IPL is a brainchild of the Indian Cricket Board which is planning to host the Twenty20 event with the help of an international events and sports management company.

However, sources in the Pakistan Board said the Indian Board was finding it difficult to find a time slot for the IPL because of its own hectic international commitments and those of other countries.

The commitments of other countries are as important for the holding of the IPL which has signed on around two or three dozen international players for the league.

“The only way the Indian board could have the IPL was in April-May around the same time the PCB was hosting the Asia Cup on behalf of the Asian Cricket Council,” one source said.

He said the Indians had given clear hints to the Pakistan Board and ACC they would definitely play in the Asia Cup if it was moved forward to June.
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