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I saw a wonderful program on BBC tv a documentary about a place called peshawar in pakistan. Its very scenic ice capped mountains, cool and beautiful just as iran would have been. There are many mongolian settlers also living in peshawar.
Looking at the local population of pathans of peshawar reminds me of the cricketeers of pakistan. That most of the pakistan cricket originates from peshawar. The funny thing that there is a community gathering of royalty of peshawar, the zamindars and the farmers! Two bulls are made to agitate and run across the field. One peshawar farmer sits on the hull and two pathans are seen running with the speed of the running bulls. This notable thing reminds me of the run-up and athletism of peshawar cricketeers like shoiab akhtar, shahid afridi, azhar mehmood, ata-ur-rehman etc.
The peshawar cricketeers are very very white in color but only when they are in their hometown, whereas when they travel afar their skin becomes tanned!
Then there is even a peshawar polo match, where many greeco like players play match. Some reminds me of pakistan cricketeers like salim malik, javed miandad. And even ahmad shah masood!
There are many youngsters of peshawar who still like fast bowling!
Then the peshawar royalty zamindar is infact 'BulleShahji', the iranian shah like wearing a big white turban mentioned in famous pakistani song...
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