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Poster For David Chase's Not Fade Away

Download Taken 2 Movie. After The Sopranos' creator David Chase left fans scratching their heads at the series' bizarre finale, he stepped out of the spotlight to get to work on his first feature film Not Fade Away. The upcoming drama reunites him with Sopranos' star James Gandolfini, but centers on a group of New Jersey teens who are inspired to form a rock band of their own after seeing the Rolling Stones perform on TV in 1964. Watch Resident Evil Retribution online. But as they attempt to achieve their dream of rock stardom they must confront the struggles of growing up within the shifting social norms of the 1960s.

Watch Hotel Transylvania Online. Gandolfini plays father to the wannabe band's front man, played by John Magaro. Having appeared in flops like The Box and smaller films like Liberal Arts, this marks Magaro's biggest role to date. Watch Hotel Transylvania Online. An accomplishment cemented by his inclusion on the film's new poster, which nicely encapsulates the romance of old school rock n' roll within a nostalgic postcard. Check it our below, thanks to Rolling Stone Magazine:

Watch Taken 2 Online.. But for all the promise this picture captures, Chase warns the magazine that there's a cruel reality within Not Fade Away, saying, "It's about anybody who has ever had a dream and about what it takes to actually realize that dream. Rock & roll is at the heart of the movie because for some of the characters, rock music is the gateway to transcendence, but it doesn't end there."
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