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When a top bollywood actress and a very successful cricketer come together what does it all brew up to? Well in most probability a sizzling romance is expected that suddenly becomes the rage of the Nation. Yes, that sort of frenzy was about to cook up minus the romance when two hot and sizzling people from the world of films and cricket met recently. It so happened that Preity Zinta and MS Dhoni had met for a commercial of cooking oil for the brand Emami .According to sources the shoot went on very smoothly and everyone at the shoot had a great time. He two that is preity and Dhoni got along so well that it made the rest of the crew members quite relaxed.
Dhoni who is almost a brand himself with so many endorsements under his belt, Preity too is not far behind. She has proved beyond doubt that she has the grit and the determination of being a very good business entrepreneur by almost running from one commitment to another. She was busy sorting out her team for the IPL and reached the auction proceedings of the players in this league and now she has shot for this commercial, and all her dealings have been successful. This in deed speaks volumes for this great actress who has tasted the waters of success in Hindi films with great aplomb.
Last heard Preity was really excited with the Add and said that it was a great experience working with the very good humoured cricketer MS Dhoni.

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