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Quality in umpiring

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Once again the ICC's rules regarding neutral umpires hasn't worked.

I can't see Simon Taufel making the call on Sangakarra that Rudi Koertzen did today.

I'm surprised that Rudi Koertzen is still classified as an "elite" umpire. An elitist umpire perhaps.

Very disappointing for Sangakarra to have such a good knock end that way, disappointing for Sri Lanka, and also for all the people watching (including us Aussies).

When is the ICC going to work on making the match officials as professional as the players are expected to be?

I understand that mistakes do happen, but it seems to me that Rudi Koertzen makes a shedload more mistakes that any other umpire out there.

Umpires should get fined a percentage of their match fee's when they stuff up.

What say you?
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i didn't watch it but i heard it was clear not out i think mistakes will happen but icc should remove umpires from the panel if they have high percentage icc should make maximum
error percentage for the umpires for like 10m matches if they accede it they should be removed
ottayan said:

I take your argument further.

Why not sue umpires for malpractice?

In the name of cricket
what malpractice ?
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