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There have been talks ever since Sachin's elbow injuries that he has been past his best and coming to the end of his International career. He had a fairly disappointing 2007 World Cup and had started to struggle getting through the 90's. However, since that World Cup Sachin's stats have been excellent. In Tests his record reads:

31 matches, 54 innings, 2779 runs at an average of 59.12 with 12 centuries and 11 50's.

In ODi's:

56 matches, 55 innings, 2547 runs at an average of 48.98 with 4 centuries and 16 50's.

They're pretty fantastic stats right there, and prove to me that he's definitely returned to his very best form. Tendulkar's run scoring in this period is only surpassed by Mahela Jayawardene in Test cricket, but Sachin has scored more centuries. Then in ODi's he's 4th on the list of leading run scorers, trailing 3 other Indian batsmen, MS Dhoni, Yuvraj Singh and Gautam Gambhir.

Sachin has also started to once again pull ahead of Ricky Ponting in terms of Test hundreds scored. At the end of 2006 Ponting was really catching Tendulkar fast, and with Sachin not looking in the best of form it was thought that Ponting would end his career with more Test hundreds. In recent times Tendulkar has managed to re-establish that lead, and now has an 8 century advantage over the Australian skipper. Here are the stats that show the comparison between them:

End of 2006:
Sachin Tendulkar 35
Ricky Ponting 33

End of 2007:
Sachin Tendulkar 37
Ricky Ponting 33

End of 2008:
Sachin Tendulkar 41
Ricky Ponting 37

End of 2009:
Sachin Tendulkar 43
Ricky Ponting 38

Sachin Tendulkar 47
Ricky Ponting 39

So guys, what do you reckon, has the Little Master returned to his very best form? or is there even more to come? How long does he have left?
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