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As chief executive of the Delhi Daredevils cricket club, Amrit Mathur oversees the selling of match tickets, sponsorships and licensing deals for his team's sharp red-and-blue uniforms, a coveted job in a country where a surging middle class has money to blow.

But he also has a less savoury challenge: Almost every day, the 52-year-old Mathur and his staff huddle with New Delhi police to discuss how to safeguard both his own players and visiting cricket stars in this teeming capital city.

That's no small chore. Especially now, in the wake of the ambush attack on the bus carrying the Sri Lankan team earlier this month at Lahore, Pakistan, in which seven people were killed and eight injured.

Consider the drive from New Delhi's Sheraton hotel – a team sponsor – to the Daredevils' home stadium.

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