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TEN minutes before the announcement of the Australian Test squad yesterday, news spread that it contained a massive bolter.
The whispers began to grow louder. Surely it couldn't be Shane Warne?

The idea of Warne returning to Test cricket started as a joke last week, but it has gained credence.

Some people believe Warne will play the Boxing Day Test or the Ashes series finale at Sydney in January.

Even former teammate Dean Jones had become a believer.

"Warnie, without doubt, no joke, could actually come back," the former Test batsman said on 3AW yesterday.

"I'll say this, categorically, because I want everyone to understand it: if Cricket Australia walked up to Shane Warne and said, 'Would you come out of retirement and we'll give you the captaincy for two years?' I know for a fact he would take it. He would play."

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