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Will They Get Back In The Premier Division?

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I don't see how this will work because if Sheffield UTD get put back in the Premiership who would get taken out and relagated?
Source BBC.CO.UK
Sheffield United plc chairman Kevin McCabe is confident the club will be reinstated to the Premiership.
An arbitration panel on 18 June will hear the Blades' claim against the Premier League's failure to dock West Ham points over the Carlos Tevez saga.

"I firmly believe we will win and the previous decision will be overturned," McCabe told BBC Five Live Sport.

"Officials have said that if the arbitration overturns the previous decision then we should be reinstated."

Interview: Sheff Utd chairman Kevin McCabe

The Blades are challenging a decision to fine West Ham rather than dock them points and cancel striker Tevez's registration.

The Premier League had initially told Sheffield United, who were relegated on the last day of the season, that they were wasting their time and money.

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But McCabe claims officials have since told the club they will regain their top-flight status if their claim is successful.

Asked about what that would mean to West Ham, who stayed up in 15th place while Sheffield United were relegated on goal difference after finishing on the same number of points as 17th-placed Wigan, he said: "That's conjecture. That's not my issue, that is one that has to rest firmly with the Premier League.

"Our dispute is with the Premier League."

The Blades chief said having an extra team in the Premiership was a possibility.

He added: "It seems a simple way of sorting things out but again that is really for the board of the Premier League to decide and opine upon."

The issue has dragged on since March when the Hammers were charged by the Premier League with breaching rules in relation to the signings of Argentine duo Tevez and Javier Mascherano.

If there are other legal recourses they may be looked into but we're all working hard towards 18 and 19 of June

Plc chairman Kevin McCabe

Tevez and Mascherano, who has since left for Liverpool, joined the club in August but their registration with third party Media Sports Investment broke regulations.

West Ham were found guilty of acting improperly and withholding vital documentation over the duo's ownership but they escaped a points deduction and Tevez was allowed to continue playing.

He was one of the major factors in the club's late escape from the drop but the Blades have vowed to fight the Premier League's decision.

McCabe stated: "I think the Premier League accept they wish the arbitration was not happening.

"But in the knowledge it is happening and it cannot be prevented, then if the decision is overturned we should be reselected to the Premier League.

"Since we really looked into the whys and the wherefores of the Tevez affair it became apparent that a wrong decision was made.

"There were circumstances behind the wrong decision but we've looked at it and consulted with our lawyers and we're confident that the arbitration will overturn it.

"An injustice has been done - a club that played within the rules has been relegated and a club that breached the rules has been rewarded."

Actor and Sheffield United fan Sean Bean will lead a delegation to Parliament on 13 June - five days before the arbitration looks at the Blades' claim.

McCabe has not ruled out taking the matter further if the decision is not in their favour.

He said: "The arbitration is critical to our reinstatement to the Premier League. If there are other legal recourses they may be looked into but we're all working hard towards 18 and 19 of June."

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No, I don't think so. West Ham have been punished fairly in my opinion so there is really no case to be had for Sheff Utd. However, In situations similar to this in the past teams have had points taken off them, so I can understand Sheff Utd's frustration.
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