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Shoaib shocker

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Bob Woolmer has said that Shoaib Akhtar’s participation in the third Test at Headingley is unlikely and that he is also doubtful for the fourth Test at The Oval on August 17. Can this man never remain uninjured?
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“People should understand that Shoaib has had serious injury problems and has been out of international cricket for quite a long while. He would need more time to get fit enough to play for Pakistan.” Those aren’t my words, Ten, but Woolmer’s :(
The man himself says: “I still can’t set a comeback time for Pakistan, though I know the third or fourth Tests have been mentioned. The medical staffs don’t want me to be breaking down again. I want to be playing for another five years yet so they are looking after my interests and Pakistan’s interests. I don’t feel that is up to me because if it was I would be playing tomorrow and running in hard again.”
Considering he’s played a mere 42 Tests and 120 ODIs since his debut in 1997-98, he’d be lucky to survive another two years, let alone five.
Even if he did survive five years, he’d probably be playing 10 more Tests and 20 ODIs. Actually, he should avoid 20-20 matches altogether (he’s played seven, I notice) because they are a sheer waste of energy for a bowler, and he needs all the energy he can muster.
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