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Should Australia Boycott the tour to Zimbabwe?

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The ICC has flexed its muscles in the aftermath of John Howard's offer to pay any fines levied as a result of Australia refusing to tour Zimbabwe.

Howard, Australia's prime minister, said last Friday that the government would pay any fine imposed by the ICC should Cricket Australia decide not to send a side to Zimbabwe later this year.

On Monday, the ICC issued a blunt statement pointing out that the only reason for the board to refuse to tour would be "if there are circumstances likely to give rise to a serious risk of death or personal injury to the players and/or officials due to take part in the Tour concerned or in respect of which appropriate insurance is unavailable on reasonable terms, such circumstances constitute acceptable non-compliance."

It added that only a ban by the government on the tour would be acceptable, although that comment is made in the knowledge that outright bans on sides touring abroad is almost unknown in Australia.

The ICC added that a fine of at least US$2 million could be imposed. It is possible that Zimbabwe Cricket could claim additional monies from Cricket Australia if it could prove extra losses as a result. Any fine would go straight into the coffers of the Zimbabwe board.

The ICC statement only reiterates the position as already stated. Howard's offer to pay any fine means that financial penalties by the ICC would not directly affect Australia, and it seems highly unlikely that any action such as a suspension could realistically be imposed on the No. 1 Test and ODI side.

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To be honest think they should boycott the tour and cop the penaltys..
your thoughts??
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Zimbabwe is a complete shambles. Inflation at something ridiculous like 2500%, half the population with HIV and no ability to get anti-viral treatment for the majority of those infected, dissenters are beaten, thrown in jail, and worse, a corrupt government who's appointed the Zimbabwe circket board (so leading to the no unfair assumption that it too is corrupt). If cricket was a major sport there then maybe not going there would harm the regular Zimbabwean just because they've nothing else good in their lives, however, watching their team get thrashed by the world no 1's contrary to what some pundits would have you believe would not be good for the game over there. I think the morally correct route has been taken with the decision to stop Australia from going there.

Same as we didn't go to South Africa while apartheidt was still enforced.
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I think boycotting is the way to go but it's a shame that the Zimbabwians won't get the chance to play Australia. It's unfortunate the politics comes into it but it maybe the only way to get rid of the PM.
I think they should still go just arange a secure hotle for them to go hide in when there not playing. I can understand why they would skip Zimbabway as it is a high crime rate city but it'd be a shame for the teams not to be able to play each other.
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