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The West Indies may have lost the second Test, enabling South Africa to draw level in the current series, but the team continues to be on the road to winning back the hearts of regional fans who have long been dismayed by what seemed to be an enduringly cavalier approach that spoke of a deep-seated lack of character.

Indeed, while those fans expected the team to make light work of Zimbabwe, even after its stuttering start, not many of them expected our cricketers to actually win a Test in South Africa for the first time and be the first West Indian side to win away against a team ranked higher in the standings that it was in all of seven years.

In this they were joined not only by the South African cricketing fraternity but followers of the game the world over who only had to match the statistics and achievements of the regional players against those of what, after all, is the second-ranked Test team in the world to conclude that it was over bar the South African celebrations-such as they would have been.

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