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The President of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) and former India captain Sourav Ganguly has said that while he is enjoying his time at home amid this lockdown due to the global pandemic novel coronavirus. But he also felt sad about the number of people has lost their lives that during this period.

"It's been a month into the lockdown. I didn't mind it earlier," Sourav Ganguly said on 100 hours 100 Stars, an initiative started by Fever Network, "Earlier, I wouldn't get time at home like this. My lifestyle involved travelling for work everyday. For the past 30-32 days, I have been at home with my family, spending time with my wife, daughter, my mother and my brother. I have got a time like this after long, so I am enjoying myself.”

He also shared that he’s scared too since people come to his house to deliver groceries, food, so he felt a little scared as well. So it's a mixed feeling as well for him and he also wants this to end as soon as possible.

Ganguly further added that he has been doing his all administrative work from home. He also said that his experience of his playing days is now coming in handy now-a-days where he used to face high-pressure situations. He even told that wrong footwork wouldn’t give the batsman another chance. He also shared that this kind of situations can make any person alert and aware of real-life situations too.

"I have been working from home -- BCCI and ICC work and my own work. But my own work is a little less right now, because the shooting, the sport and the schools have been closed. But the documents work, administrative work and paper work, I have been doing from home now," Ganguly concluded.

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