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Sourav the Optimist

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I can't believe the man Sourav Ganguly. I mean, he still thinks he can play the World Cup? Doesn't he realize that he and Greg Chappell simply can't co-exist? Not even magic would get him into the Indian team, and short of a miracle, he will never play international cricket again. As it is, I think he will be a disaster at Northants. Remember his Lancashire stint? Though he was better at Glamorgan last year, he was obviously hopeless at 20-20. I just think that for a man in his position, he should show some dignity.
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Give Sourav a chance

C'mon, Tania. I think everyne is really unfair to Ganguly. He surely deserves better treatment. The problem is that all the cricket officials are so buysu trying to please Chappell that they will do anything he says. This kind of dictatorship can be dangerous!
What about Sachin?

I agree with arshad_pak. How come no one talks about Sachin Tendulkar's lack of form and fitness? Can you imagine any paper in the country writing about Sachin the way they have written about Sourav?
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