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Sri Lanka vs Netherlands, Amstelveen July 4, 2006

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Where does this nonsense end? Did anyone notice that Sri Lanka scored 443 against Netherlands and beat them by 195 runs? That breaks the record for the highest team total that South Africa set in March. When will the ICC realize that granting official status to countries like Netherlands, Bangladesh, Kenya etc. is the surest way of killing the game?
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Rob, the Sri Lankans were apparently venting their anger at having to play this match without being consulted by the board. It was a c**p match, really, because no one turned up to watch it, there was no TV, and not even Internet commentary because the Dutch officials apparently barred all Internet coverage of the match. One would have thought they would be glad of the publicity.
I read that the Sri Lankan players’ wives had to actually pay for tickets! Hilarious!
Matches like these are so one-sided that to watch them is an insult. Unfortunately, in their mad lust for money, the ICC bosses don’t care how much cricket suffers. The funny thing is, these games don’t even generate money, so how does the ICC benefit?
The ICC claim all this is to spread the game’s popularity, which is rubbish. However much you try, cricket will never be the new baseball in the US, for example, so why doesn’t the ICC just focus on what it has and stop being so ridiculous?
Just recall the huge response to the South Africa-Australia match in March. No one even knew Sri Lanka were playing Netherlands.
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