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If a fan of West Indies Cricket were to write a book today detailing his/her experiences following the team, despair, heartbreaking, disenchantment, anguish, and relief would be some of the most used words.

‘Hope’ possibly would be the one used most. Triumph, would be used sometimes and rather sparingly. But that would not deter the fan and more than likely his/her experiences during the triumphs would fill a large part of the book. For, unless the writer is someone who likes to torture him/herself with the depressing details of losses, then triumph would overcome; as the West Indies team did on Tuesday.

Who knew that the final test match of this West Indies-England series, at the Queen’s Park Oval was drawn? We were more concerned that the series had been won. “Whew”, the headline in this newspaper screamed, capturing perfectly our feelings. This win would be a big part of the book.

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