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Super Stars' Super Records

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Hi guys

this thread is being made for you to post in your fav super stars' records [cricket start u know]

The star should not be only your fav but should have a record as well, i mean the record should be someThing authentic

i wish you will enjoy this thread
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Boom Boom AFRIDI's Super Sonic Records

So i post here first of Shahid Afridis records

basically its a quick search from google & it gives the wikiPedia result, career HighLights

On 4 October 1996, playing his maiden international innings, Afridi hit the fastest One-Day century off 37 balls against Sri Lanka in Nairobi. His innings included 28 runs off one of Sanath Jayasuriya's overs, whose record he broke.

Youngest player in history to make a ODI century at just 16 years, 217 days with his 37ball ton against Sri Lanka.

Made a half-century from 26 balls and took 3 second-innings wickets in Pakistan's series-drawing Test victory against India in March 2005.

Holds the joint record with Brian Lara for the third fastest ODI century off 45 balls in April 2005 against India.

Second highest aggregate sixes scored in the 50-over game, after the legendary Sri Lankan batsman Sanath Jayasuriya, and he the most sixes per innings record.

Scored four consecutive sixes off a Harbhajan Singh over in a Test match against India in January 2006, matching a feat that Kapil Dev achieved in 1990.

Was the First player to score 12 runs off one ball, by hitting the roof of the Millennium Stadium. This took place in a game of Power Cricket.

Holds four of the top eight fastest ODI half centuries, twice completed in 18 balls and twice in 20 balls. He has also scored a half century of just 21 balls.

Made 32 runs off a Malinga Bandara over in an ODI game at Abu Dhabi in 2007. He struck four consecutive sixes and it was the 2nd most expensive over in ODI history

Afridi is only third player in ODI history to achieve the combination of 5000 runs and 200 wickets. The other players being Sri Lankan batsman Sanath Jayasuriya and South African Jacques Kallis.
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Man of the Match - Sachin Tendulkar

editing this post, under editing LoL

trying to put data in tabular format i wish i can do that ;)

do u see the following data formatted & readable ???, believe me while editing & pasting from the orig source, it does??!?! AMZING EDITOR THIS IS:shocked:

Name Matches Awards Team
SR Tendulkar 384 53 India
ST Jayasuriya 393 44 Sri Lanka
IVA Richards 187 31 West Indies
PA de Silva 308 31 Sri Lanka
SC Ganguly 290 30 India
BC Lara 299 30 West Indies
Saeed Anwar 247 28 Pakistan
JH Kallis 257 27 South Africa
AC Gilchrist 268 26 Australia
NJ Astle 223 25 New Zealand
DL Haynes 238 25 West Indies
RT Ponting 280 25 Australia
A Ranatunga 269 24 Sri Lanka
Inzamam-ul-Haq 378 24 Pakistan
Wasim Akram 356 22 Pakistan
ME Waugh 244 21 Australia
SR Waugh 325 21 Australia
CG Greenidge 128 20 West Indies
MS Atapattu 268 20 Sri Lanka
SM Pollock 285 20 South Africa
MD Crowe 143 19 New Zealand
L Klusener 171 19 South Africa
WJ Cronje 188 18 South Africa
HH Gibbs 208 18 South Africa
Javed Miandad 233 18 Pakistan
M Azharuddin 334 18 India
CH Gayle 168 17 West Indies
A Symonds 170 17 Australia
Waqar Younis 262 17 Pakistan
AR Border 273 17 Australia
SP Fleming 280 17 New Zealand
DM Jones 164 16 Australia
G Kirsten 185 16 South Africa
Abdul Razzaq 231 16 Pakistan
Shahid Afridi 240 16 Pakistan
Mohammad Yousuf 240 16 Pakistan
JN Rhodes 245 16 South Africa
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This editor sucks!

when i was posting the post, it would sow data in well formatted format like tabular data, everything in proper row & col order

now when i POSTED, its like crap

the i pressed the EDIT button, amaazing again the data is shown in WELL FORMATTED FORMAT & when i save it, again CRAP???

please use WYSIWYG Editors??!?!

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Wow... that's very impressive indeed! I Certainly didn't know that - but I'm not overly surprised.
Tendulka is undoubtedly one of the 5 best batsmen of his time, & I've always loved watching him at the crease (even when it was at Australia's expense).

Interesting thing to note about that list of MOM recipients, though:
Australia only has one player in the top 10 (Gilly), & only 3 current players in the list at all.
To me that goes a long way toward demonstrating why the Australians have been so dominant in world cricket for so long; The duties & responsibilities are shared. When someone fails, someone else steps-up to do the job.
Australia plays like a TEAM bozo
There is an edit button for a reason buddy.

Bradmons 452 not out was a great feat when he ogt it.
Um... MAF, are you calling me 'bozo'?
I didn't see anything offensive about my post - did anyone else?

If you are (calling me bozo) I'd kind'a like to know why?


madAfridiFan said:
Australia plays like a TEAM bozo
Warrick Armstrong leading the Aussies to a 5-0 whitewash against England in the 1920-21 season, a feat not matched for another 85 odd years.
Brian Lara back in the early 90's made 501 not out, that was really impresive.
incubi said:
Um... MAF, are you calling me 'bozo'?
I didn't see anything offensive about my post - did anyone else?

If you are (calling me bozo) I'd kind'a like to know why?


i didn't meant any thing offensive, i just heard in a film this b\word i don't even know the meaning Hahaha LoL
its good so people are coming in this thread talking the gr8 records of their gr8est ever cricketers


lage raho cricket Guys
Could you please use the edit button ^

Australia winning 3 straight cricket world cups is quite impressive to say the least
Jizz said:
Could you please use the edit button ^

Australia winning 3 straight cricket world cups is quite impressive to say the least
what do u mean

why is every body telling me to use the edit button??????????????????
You use the edit button instead of posting three posts in a row. After you post there should be an edit button near the bottom of your post if you feel you need to contribute to the thread more use the edit button and put your information in your first post.

Bozo mean fool or to act silly.
whats wrong in 2 or three posts in a row, i can post different things in different posts, if its some kind aof a law on these forums then believe me it SUCKS

i m not new to forums at all, u can go & see menstennisforums, its full of people there, & we make fun there, nothing wrong at all, post as mush as u like??????????

& never any user tells u what to do & what not

if its someKind of a LAW here, ok i will be very carefull, i don't do it DELIBERATELY cause i m used to do it on other forums
Buddy you can still "make fun", you just have to follow the rules ok if you did that there would be no problem so dont get all up in arms about one simple rule.

If you like your other forum you know the one with no rules and were no one keeps order then go there and stay there.
It's not a 'law', its a rule of the forums, which I believe you abided by when you agreed to the terms and policies of CricketForum. I think you should respect that. Stay here, have fun, but just follow the rules accordingly

This has gone off topic now, lets get back into it.

Herschell Gibbs' six sixes in one over, albeit was against the Netherlands. Still quite an achievement nonetheless
King of Spin said:
Lance Can's also hit 6 sixes.
How could I forget Lance Cairns? Though Hershcell's was in one complete over.

How about Malinga getting the first double hat-trick in world cup cricket history.
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