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Super sub discarded?

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I remember they started the super sub rule a while back. Does anyone know when or how it got deregulated?
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The super-sub was trialed, then discarded because it was a crap idea.
Don't get me wrong; I'm fully supportive of the ICC & their endeavors to advance the game & make it even more appealing for spectators, more competitive, safer for players, & more profitable for all concerned.
However, wheather it was worth trying or not, it was still a crap idea - & most of us knew it from the outset.

If my memory serves me correctly, the decision to scrap the super-sub condition was made by the ICC early/mid last year..?

I also seem to recall that, even before that decision was made, a few teams agreed (pre-series) that neither side would use super-subs.
Makes me think that the super-sub debacle was dead in the water even before it was scrapped by the ICC.
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The super sub was not benefitial was it was an advantage to the team that won the toss. Say both teams named batsmen as their super sub, and Team 1 won the toss on a batting beauty. Team 1 would bat and have their super sub in their line up, before taking out a batsman and putting in a bowler for the next innings. Team 2 would have to re-think their whole strategy though.

It's a good idea that it got scraped though.
Yeah I'm glad they got rid of it. They keep trying to change things too much imo, although, I must admit I am a cricket traditionalist :)
I wish they would return to the 15 overs of only two fielders outside the circle, was easier when you were watching at home. Although i guess the new ability of the captain to make fielding decisions gives more interest and it might be able to draw more players to one day cricket.
i am glad they removed the super sub it was benefiting the team which one the toss and it was not adding any entertainment value
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