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Australia all-rounder Andrew Symonds has ruled himself out of his country's proposed tour to Pakistan, even if Cricket Australia decide to press on with the trip to the troubled nation next month.

Symonds, who had previously voiced doubts about the tour, confirmed on Wednesday he would turn down the chance to add to his 19 Tests if selected.

"It's an unstable environment," Symonds told Channel Ten. "I personally don't see the point of it (going).

"I just dread to think what would happen if someone got hurt, let alone killed.

"It's just a situation you would never want to find yourself in, the country in or cricket in."

Asked if he was selected and the tour went ahead would he travel, Symonds declared: "I don't think I would go, no."

Skipper Ricky Ponting and paceman Stuart Clark have also voiced reservations about the tour to Pakistan since former prime minister Benazir Bhutto was assassinated in December.

Cricket Australia (CA) are continuing to assess the situation in the wake of this week's elections in Pakistan, which saw the party of president Pervez Musharraf suffer sweeping losses.

CA spokesman Peter Young said the advice to players had been to "keep calm" as the Australian government and cricket heavyweights investigated the situation.

The competing nations' cricket boards are in discussion about the proposed tour, which is scheduled to include three Tests and five one-day matches.

It is understood the Pakistan Cricket Board are set to offer their Australian counterpart a condensed series.

Young said a meeting in Canberra next week, with high-ranking Australian government security officials, would likely provide a clearer picture going forward.
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