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The ICC has confirmed the technical committee of the ICC Cricket World Cup Qualifier 2009 has approved Jacobi Robinson as a replacement player for Christopher Douglas in Bermuda’s squad for the tournament, which runs from 1 to 19 April in South Africa.

The confirmation was conveyed to the Bermuda Cricket Board in an email sent on behalf of the tournament Technical Committee. Douglas was ruled out of the tournament due to injury.

The technical committee has also approved the replacement of Afghanistan’s Riffatullah Momand. The Afghanistan Cricket Board did not provide the necessary eligibility documentation required for the player to represent Afghanistan at this event. The replacement player has not yet been confirmed.

Previously, Uganda player Nand Kishore had been approved as a replacement for Emmanuel Nakana, who was also ruled out of the tournament due to injury. Also for Uganda, the injured Danniel Ruyange was replaced by Asadu Seiga.

The process required for approving any player involves that player’s home board making an application in writing to the tournament technical committee for permission.

Any injury-based replacement requires a written submission to the event technical committee along with a diagnosis from a medical practitioner as to the extent of the injury. Once replaced, a player cannot return to the squad.

As with all players in the tournament, the eligibility of a replacement player is subject to approval by the ICC before that player can be officially added to the squad.

The technical committee of the ICC Cricket World Cup Qualifier 2009 consists of David Richardson (chairman – ICC Events Manager Chris Tetley will sit on the committee as Mr Richardson’s alternate), Don McIntosh (host tournament director), Richard Done (ICC representative), Elise Lombard (CSA representative), Devdas Govindjee (independent representative), Craig Matthews (independent representative).

Bermuda’s first match of the ICC Cricket World Cup Qualifier in South Africa will take place against the United Arab Emirates in Potchefstroom University on Wednesday 1 April. Afghanistan will face Denmark at Vaal University on the same day while Uganda plays Namibia at Stan Friedman Oval, Krugersdorp.
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