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The ABCs Of Death Red Band Trailer

Watch Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn 2 Online. By distributing freaky features like Timecrimes, Tucker and Dale vs Evil, I Saw the Devil, and Trollhunter, Magnet Releasing has built an incredible reputation among horror fanatics for bringing some of the most intriguing new titles and macabre emerging filmmakers to Stateside theaters and VOD.

Watch Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn 2 Online. Now, just months after unveiling the twisted found footage anthology V/H/S, Magnet is prepping for the release of its next horror anthology The ABCs Of Death, which boasts even more scary shorts and more directors with a sick sense of humor.

Watch Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 2 Online. With a chapter for each letter of the alphabet, The ABCs Of Death offers 26 horror shorts directed by such notable helmers as Ben Wheatley (Kill List), Nacho Vigalondo (Timecrimes), Ti West (The Innkeepers), and Noboru Iguchi (The Machine Girl).

Watch Breaking Dawn 2 Online. And with segment titles like "V is for Vagitus" and "W is for WTF," you can bet that this ensemble of auteurs will be bringing some seriously sick stories to the screen. Get a taste of the carnage below with the film's first red band trailer courtesy of Yahoo.

Watch Breaking Dawn Part 2 Online. But be warned this vid contains lots of gore and nudity, and so is definitely NSFW: Last week, we got the first trailer for Jonathan Levine's adaptation of Isaac Marion's zombie novel Warm Bodies.

Watch Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn part 2 Online. Fans of the book who are anticipating the adaptation were likely grateful to get a look at some of the film, which is set to arrive in theaters early next year. The Italian version of the trailer is mostly the same as the U.S. version, however those who want to see a few more snippets of the movie will find them here.

Watch Wreck it Ralph Online. And by "snippets," I mean just that. Most of what's in the Italian trailer is the same as the U.S. version, and it's about 30 seconds shorter. But there are a couple of parts that are different and give us just a little bit more from the movie, which takes place in a post-apocalyptic setting where the human population is divided between surviving people and the walking dead.

Watch The Man With The Iron Fists Online. It starts out as a slightly condensed version of the original trailer, but if you were looking closely, you might have seen a few added moments, including a better look at the scene with Perry (Dave Franco). In the U.S. trailer, we see Perry talking for a second, but in this one, at about the 1:11 mark, we see that Julie (Teresa Palmer) and (it looks like) Nora (Analeigh Tipton) are also in the scene.

Watch Taken 2 Online. The lead zombie character R (Nicholas Hoult) has his back to us and appears to be a part of the scene. We know from the book that R flashes back through Perry's memories and interacts with him throughout the story. This gives us a better idea of how that will look in the movie. The other notable addition is the ending. Instead of Nora trying to guess R's age, she's teasing Julie about having a zombie boyfriend. I'm convinced I'm going to love Tipton as Nora and the humor she brings to the story. Warm Bodies does involve a human and a zombie falling in love, but in the book, the bizarreness of the situation is acknowledged with humor and it looks like we'll see that in the movie as well.

Watching the trailer, it's fun to speculate what the other letters might represent. Is P for Pedophile? F for Furry? Clearly D is for Dogfight, but is S for surgery, spiders, suicide or something even more disturbing? Well, fellow horror fans, we'll find out when The ABCs Of Death becomes available on demand January 31st. A theatrical release will follow on March 8th.
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