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Stuart MacGill has blamed his fielding for his decision to retire mid-way through Australia's tour to West Indies, after the second Test in Antigua.

"The nail in the coffin was a misfield [during the second Test]," MacGill told the Sydney Morning Herald. "There were some undulations in the outfield, and I misfielded and slipped over. I found it a bit hard to get back up, to be honest, and I felt a bit embarrassed.

"I felt sore and old and clumsy and that's when I thought, 'I can't do this.' I don't want the team to have to carry me. If the ball came straight to me in the field, there wasn't a problem. But the ball doesn't always come straight to you. I didn't want to embarrass myself any more."

When asked whether his sudden decision was embarassing, MacGill said: "I was concerned it would be. I did put in a lot of work to even play club cricket again. It was disappointing for me, but the embarrassment would have been if I'd kept going. There's no shame in wanting the best for your team."

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